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Motorcycle HID kit12V/25W

Motorcycle HID kit12V/25W
Product Detailed
Motorcycle HID kit with low fail rate. fail rate:0.2%,16 month warranty! waterproof,dustproof,shockproof.4300K-3000K

Motorcycle HID kit

instruction for installation1.separate the headlamps(right & left)from your car after opening your car bonnet. if there is enough space for exchange, it is not needed to separate the headlamps from your car. 2.Open the rear cover of the headlamp and pull the installed halogen lamp out. 3.Drill a hole in the middle lf the rear cover of the headlamp with a 21mm hole cutter.4.Take out the plastic cap of the HID bulb.(be careful not to touch the bulb.) 5.Put the HID lamp into the headlamp unit. ( caution: please confirm whether the installation of press spring has settled properly after installing the lamps. )Caution: please check again whether the installation is proper after installing the lamps. 6.Connecting the wires-referring to the wiring diagram in the guide book. 7.Close the cap of the headlamp after fitting the rubber barking attached to the bulbs wire into9 the units cover.8.Stick the ballast on the nearest place from the headlamp in the engine room firmly by using double-faced tape , cable tie and etc. 9.Connect the wire of the ballast with the wire of bulb. 10.Test whether or not the headlamps work properly. *if both lamps dont light at the same time or flicker ,change the battery to more than 60Ah since it results from the lack of electric power; or add relays to bear more than 15A since it results from the lack of electric current. *make sure to change the fuse for the headlight to at least more than 20A. If you use the fuse less than 20A,it tends to be out when the light turns on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Supereminent Features of HID Xenon Instruction:Its unique safety design:Driving safely can be enhanced greatly for the light is equipped with shorp-circuit protection device,contra-pressure protection design.Therefore,the light has been in the favor of the automobile modification fans from Europe,U.S.,Japan,South Korea&Taiwan etc and adopted by BWM,BENZ&AUDI etc for the original assembly.2.Output Luminance:3times the same as that of the halogen light:Usually,we use Lumen to describe the luminance.HID xenon light has a luminance up to 3,200 lumen while the halogen light about 1,000 lumen,therefore,the output luminance of the HID xenon light is 3 times the same as that of the halogen light.3.High CT (color temperature:)The HID xenon light can have about 6,000K CT light.The so-called CT means that when the temp-erature of a standard matter heated up increases,the matter will have a light color change form from dark-deep red-yellowgreen white-white which is described with teperature taking the absolute tempertature K(Kelvin)as its unit.The light at 6,000K or so is absolutely white & little blue,which is close to the sunlight at noon& comfortable to out eyes.4.10 times life as the common ones:Everyone encounters possibly the matter that the tungsten filament of the halogen light is burned down & the light thus goes off when in high heat.In contrast,the xenon light shines by means of a current equal to that used for a flashlight stimulates the gas to shine,as a result,no high teperature happens&the light can not be easily damaged!according to a research,even high quality, a halogen bulb can at the most last 400 hours while a xenon light can last 25,00 hours,which means that a xenon light can be used under a normale use condition for more 6 years.5.1/2 power consumption as the common ones:General speaking, a halogen light in a vehicle factory can consume electricity 55~65W or so while an HID xenon light needs only 35W to support the luminance if working under the stability by a stabilizer.6.Using UV-CUT crystal quartz glass,the HID xenon light can keep crystal forever!7.Convenient installation & use:When installing,we need only use the bulbs in the discharge light group to take the place of the original halogen bulbs &then plug all cables attached into the sockets&stabilizer related.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reading and Answering:1.What is Xenon light?The xenon bulb is a micro-discharge bulb filled with a mixture of primarily xenon gas and other inert gases,creating a superior,bright,white light.This special bulb has no filament like a halogen bulb,but the light created between the two electrodes in a xenon bulb is like none other.2.What are the advantages of xenon light?The xenon bulb outputs more than three times the brightness than a halogen light,while consuming half the power(wattage).Not only will night driving be safer and clearer,more power is freed up for your cars other functions.Additionally,you will be doing your part fot the encironment : less power consumption means less waste.The clear white light produced by the xenon bulb is similar to that of natural daylight.Research has shown that better lighting conditions make for better driving.The unique white color of the xenon light also reflects road markings and signs better than the colors emitted by conventional lighting svstems.Cost-wise,the lifespan of the xenon bulb lasts the life of the car,meaning that under normal conditions,you should never have to replace the bulbs!Bottom line,exceptional bright light,less power consumed, saves your money.3.Why was Xenon Light developed?At least 60% of all traffic accidents take place in poorly lit conditions.And the older the driver,the more light required for seeing better during night driving.Brighter lighting by xenon light means most importantly,better road safety and less strain on the eyes.

Warnings!1.Consult a professional technician for installation. Do not attempt to install the system yourself. Installation by an inexperienced prson is not recommended and may result in potential danger.2.To avoid electric shock, wear gloves when installing the system.3.Securely install all ballasts,bulbs,wires and sockets to the car body. confirm these components are fastened properly before operation.4.Never try to touch the bulb while it is on. Wait until the lights have cooled after turning them off. when the lights are operationg, the bulbs emit heat at high temperatures and can cause burns if touched before cooling.5.Avoid looking directly into the xenon light to prevent potential damage to your eyes

Motorcycle HID kit12V/25W

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